Robert Wyatt at Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom (1974) was Wyatt’s first album after recovering from a fall (from five stories up!) that left him paralyzed from the waist down. I’ve never dug around for any information Wyatt has given as to the title’s meaning but with everything the man had been going through there are some obvious assumptions. Apparently he also wrote most, if not all of it, while he was in the hospital. The songs on the album are great and the production is something else. It sounds like Eno producing Bacharach. This may not be for everyone and there was certainly a time when i would not have appreciated this record like i do now, but i say you should give it a chance. Put it on while at work or some mundane and menial tasks at home and see how it hits you. Listening to it as i write this, i just want to curl up with a purty girl and lie in the park on a cloudy day, this album buzzing through my ears.

Download the Album

Here’s a cool video someone made for the first song on the album (appropriately enough with cover art) Sea Song

And how amazing is this photo?

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