Summer’s Always Cold in the Summer Sun

Having grown up in southern california, these cloudy, dreary, drizzly San Francisco summer days never sit well with me. What’s worse is it becomes all anybody talks (yeah yeah, i realize the irony here). How fucking boring is talking about the weather, it always bums me out when i catch myself doing it yet I’ve erased this post three times already and then write the same thing. It’s on par with that in depth story your dad told you about his trip to circuit city to exchange his new blue tooth or that one time you accidentally took a test with a No. 3 pencil instead of a No. 2 and your test score came back 0. It’s cloudy and stuff outside, i had to wear an extra layer and a scarf, fascinating isn’t it? Well i’m putting up a single i grabbed from the Boogie Woogie Flu Blog (good shit over there) by Chris Stamey. This was before he started his band the DB’s, and back when Alex Chilton was still using his deranged drug addled pop genius to make great records (more to come on him sometime soon). It’s called Summer Sun and it’s a great little dumper of weirdo pop sunshine with all the aural aesthetics of easy going bubblegum gem but the coy lyrics paint a less then thrilled picture of a jaded soul barking up the wrong love tree. You think that’s a bottle opening and a quick swig to start the song?

Chris Stamey – Summer Sun / Where The Fun Is

Cue up Summer Sun and play this video, it’s pretty great.

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One Response to “Summer’s Always Cold in the Summer Sun”

  1. frau Says:

    weather update…64 and dreary in germany

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