Myspace to the Max

I wanted to do a quick list of my favorite bands on MySpace who haven’t yet released anything or have just kinda hung out in obscurity so far. This a short list of bands that i would be begging to put out records by if I put out records. There’s a wide variety of styles here so i recommend you sit down with an otter pop and pinch of patience and give them all a shot.

There’s a lot of reasons why myspace should be destroyed and wiped from everyone’s memory but there’s just as many reasons why it’s improved the world on a level similar to folding chairs or beer helmets. The accessibility to bands like these is certainly one of the benefits.

Meth Teeth

Christmas Island


First Base

Fabulous Diamonds


Catatonic Youth

TV Ghost

Sonny & The Sunsets

Fresh & Only’s

Box Elders


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2 Responses to “Myspace to the Max”

  1. Kevin Says:

    I’ve recently found myself recording songs from myspace pages to cassettes ala the days before internet when I listened to the radio. Quite an ironic displacement of the medium if I do say so myself.

  2. robbie Says:

    i’m all for digital as an intangible and invisible format but if it must be transfered a cassette is great and beats the hell out of a CD. CD’s = worst format ever created excluding their use with classical music, and with the one exception of the 8-track. That there was some waste of petrol.

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