Satan Bélanger Présente: Psyché Jello

This here is a pretty crucial comp of wild French Canadian sixties pop/funk/pysch gems. Overall it’s pretty stellar, with practically no duds start to finish. The real gem on this comp for me at least is Les Lunours or translated the Moonbears. Their track Nous Sommes Bi-Bi Ba-Ba Boum-Boum is truly one of my all time favorite. That song just does crazy things to my head. Funny part is Les Lunours were supposed to be a joke band?! Crazy to put so much effort and skill into such a beautifully crafted song just for shits and giggles. But what little info has survived on the band actually sounds hilariously awesome. Describing their concept as “interstellar mascots” who once “attempted to enact a scene of alien spacecrafts invading a cornfield” and the liners notes to the comp also told a really strange (fictional?) story about how the whole joke got out of hand and failed miserably prompting the bands “manager” to hang himself. It really doesn’t matter if there is any truth to the story, since the concept is actually as good as the product.

Below is a (fairly boring) video of Madeline Chartrand doing her epic hit Ani Kuni (one of the songs on the comp).

Download The Album

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