Haunting Kiwi Jangle Pop Gives Me the Chills

The Chills were to my knowledge the most successful of all the bands filling out the roster of the legendary New Zealand record label Flying Nun. The band was the brain child of Martin Phillips who went through countless lineup changes attempting to keep the Chills functional. The big hit on their first album Kaleidoscope World (1986) was Pink Frost which unlike most of the greatness the label and the whole scene produced actually got some attention in other parts of the world, and with very good reason. Their sound is a really great contrast of moody deadpan disinterest and impeccably crafted pop songs. Check out the video below for “Pink Frost” and then get the whole album.

Download Here

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One Response to “Haunting Kiwi Jangle Pop Gives Me the Chills”

  1. The Clean & The Great Unwashed « Biannual Haircut Says:

    […] previously mentioned a while back in the post on the cold but always fuzzy Chills, the Flying Nun label out of New Zealand unintentionally became an institution of incredible bands […]

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