R. Stevie Moore might be an Angel

He is a wild eyed basement dwelling eccentric loony and what’s more angelic than that? He’s something that this world has very very few of, a unique (an true understatement), highly motivated, exceptionally creative, completely autonomous, righteously sincere, unpretentious artist who has dedicated his life to his craft and has produced mounds of exceptional work that world will get unjustly more enjoyment from than will ever send in praise and respect back to it’s creator. I know heaping this much praise and hype towards one person most often ends in disappointment once someone actually hears/sees/tastes whatever it the hype is hyping but it’s how I feel about the guy, and hope you do too. I don’t want to post anything for download since the guy will sell you any of his hundreds of albums on CD from his website and I’d hate to take a dime out of his pocket. So i’m just going to post a slew of my favorite YouTube videos (that i’ve actually seen, there’s over 120 up there and i just don’t have that kind of time) and you can take it from there.



This first one “I Wish I Could Sing” is easily my favorite song of his, and is also the first i ever heard. The guitar playing with the claps on top to start the song is just totally magical. Play this loud is a room full of people and you’ll turn some heads real quick.

“I Want You In My Life” is a real good one that totally tugs on my heartstrings every time i hear it. This one needs to go on every “I have a huge crush on you” mix you make for the rest of your life. The video is really perfect too, especially if you’re as endeared to the guy as i am. For some reason he just decided to make a video for it this year, so you get to see goofy, hobo Santa Claus looking Stevie play a cardboard guitar and sing along.

“Records” is greatest song about Records ever. So goofy and so nerdy. A little close to home though if you know what i mean, and if you know me well, you know what i mean.

Pretty funny video, for a pretty incredible cover. I think i might prefer this over the original. Blasphemous

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  1. Case in Point Says:

    Thank you so very much, from the Rtist.

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