I’ve got a fever, had it forever

So, I’m kind of a Francophile when it comes to music and more often than not it’s a pretty disappointing condition to have. Don’t get me wrong, there are some amazing French bands, singers, babes, but they are about as few and far between as your average frog’s visits to the shower. yuck yuck yuck. But i really really want more French bands to be good, and i don’t really know why, but i do. Maybe it’s because i’m so infatuated with all those famous babes that ran around so uninhibited in every French movie from the sixties.

Well as far as punk goes, there is a handful of killer bands that totally ripped and turned that nasally accent into a pretty vicious snarl. Hell, the first record ever released on Rough Trade was by Metal Urbain who walked into the shop in London and demanded they start a label to put out their record. Pretty rad! Well i’m not posting anything by Metal Urbain, but if you haven’t heard them yet, watch this video. I’m posting a comp, or essentially a best of by The Dogs. Don’t know much about their history, but I think they were pretty successful over there despite never really being too polished or commercial. This record is full of rad tunes and the accented vocals are perfect. Their live cover of Boris The Spider is totes ridiculous, Teenage Fever is a total power pop hit, 19 and No Way are pogo inducing madness. I love this record. Check out the video below of them playing Algomania, for a taste. It’s a good tune that sounds like garbage after being youtubed, but it’ll give you a general idea. Okay, DOWNLOAD NOW

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