Summr Jams #3

Well, here is the final set. I do hope this comp can be the soundtrack to some rad cheap beer fueled beach parties, PCH windows down cruising or blasted through scotch taped life support headphones in a stuffy office. Actual albums, singles, songs to come soon. Like later today probably.

SummrJams #3

1. Nothing In My Life By The Brothers Hawk
2. Hello I Love You By The Pets
3. See Emily Play By Pink Floyd
4. Just Want (Your Attention) By Protex
5. Strawberry Man By Public Nuisance
6. thème pour la mort By evolution phase 1
7. Milk Shake By R. Stevie Moore
8. Time Bomb High School By The Reigning Sound
9. Open Up Your Door By Richard & The Young Lions
10. I Am An Astronaut By Ricky Wilde
11. Don’t Shake Me Lucifer By Roky Erickson
12. Songs of Praise By Roy Wood
13. I Must Be In Love By The Rutles
14. California Here I Come By Shocking Blue
15. Positive Vibrations By The Soft Boys
16. S’Cool Days By Stanley Frank
17. Nothing’s Going To Happen By Tall Dwarfs
18. Picture My Face By Teenage Head
19. Give It To Me By The Troggs
20. Coming Down By The United States of America
21. Son Of A Gun By The Vaselines
22. Who Loves the Sun By The Velvet Underground
23. Ring Worm By Van Morrison

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