Summr Jams

So I’ve started blogging. Guess I’m just a product of my time, really. This is part one of a three part compilation i put together a few months ago when a rare bout of warm weather convinced me summer was afoot and an on the effin go iPod mix was necessary to get me through the arduous day being stuck in the claustrophobia inducing attic i work in while so many others reveled in the warmth and freedom of a uniquely pleasant and energizing Saturday afternoon. I’ve listened to this mix a few times and stand behind it regardless of its total lack of sequencing and it’s many obvious omissions. (Beach Baby by First Class anyone, no Beach Boys at all???? WHOOPS) It’s a good primer of my taste in tunes, from cheesy pop to grating art damaged aural gunk, it all makes sense to these ears. Like i said, it’s not sequenced at all except the first song on each volume is by The Brothers Hawk. They are nobodies from either China or Malaysia who cashed on westernized pop music and produced a sound that i fell in love with since the first time they graced my ears. Anyway, welcome to Biannual Haircut.

1. Funny Funny (A Go Go) By The Brothers Hawk
2. Aligator Man By Alex Chilton
3. Cestlamode BY Annie Philippe
4. Hot Dog By The Archies
5. Bam Bam Battering Ram By the ARROWS
6. I Enjoy Being a Boy By Banana Splits
7. Summer Fun By the Barracudas
8. O My Soul By Big Star
9. dirty hands By Black Lips
10. L’appareil a sous By Bridgette Bardot
11. Whatever Happened To Fun By Candy
12. Son Of My Father By Chicory Tip
13. I Love My Leather Jacket By The Chills
14. Tally Ho! By The Clean
15. So Long Supernova By Comus
16. 13th Harley By Davie Allan & The Arrows
17. By Morning I’m Gone BY The Deadly Snakes
18. Looking For The Magic By Dwight Twilley
19. My Confusion By The Elite
20. Green Light By The Equals
21. Give Me That Look In Your Eyes By The Fans
22. girl after girl By The Fevers
23. Shake A Tail Feather By Five Du-Tones
24. Shake Some Action By The Flamin’Groovies

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    […] read my drivel from the beginning will remember The Brothers Hawk, who kicked off each volume of my Summr Jams compilations, and this comp is where those songs came from. Also anyone who enjoyed the Cherry […]

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